On Demand Retail

Are you tired of going across the city when shopping options and variety are limited in your local stores? What if pop-up shops came to your local area, with production designed around your preferences, clothing/shoe size, tastes and interests.

Toyota ePalette

Mobile Crafting

Prepared for discussion with Fuqua Development for the proposed storage facility overlooking I-20 freeway at the northwest corner of the Glenwood Place Kroger in southeast Atlanta. The following proposal includes a crafting center for e-Palette artisans, upper deck pop-up market, and several residential studios.

Developing an open e-Palette logistics network in partnership with Kroger, Toyota and the surrounding Beltline communities would result in fewer single-passenger car trips, easier access to fresh produce at neighborhood hubs, and more middle-income jobs for local entrepreneurs.

1. Top Level - A public terrace with the best skyline view in southeast Atlanta. Portions of deck used for plant sales. e-Palette demo center and open-air café seating located by pop-up restaurant area on rooftop deck.

2. Below Upper Deck - A large covered Maker space, where craftsmen gather to fabricate custom products using fast CLIP 3D printers and mobile e-Palette workspaces.

3. Ground Level - A mix of storage and assembly areas. Several residential studios provide increased security. Large elevator on Kroger side to upper deck.

4. Below Ground Level - An automated storage area maintained with the assistance of bots. Stored items are scanned and inspected confidentially by AI for safety. Additional storage under the bluff.


Gas sellers would prefer that you jump in your car each time you get an item from storage or the grocery store. Imagine the time saving and traffic reduction if we created distribution systems that moved commodities in small shared containers, without cardboard or bags, with open data exchanges for combining shipments.

Your combined shipment has no cardboard boxes, and it recognizes your face!   In the past, storage space usage was often redundant. Now we have the means to quickly lease tools from other makers with automated fabrication centers near homes.

All this means: You won't have to drive your historic vehicle to search for your stuff in storage. Let your local delivery network bring them to you in minutes, share tools you use infrequently, collaborate on multi-household fabrication projects, and automatically send your less frequently requested items to lower cost facilities.

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